Monday, 16 December 2013

UK charity takes new spin on fundraising gifts with Rock the Goat campaign

The Cafedirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF), a UK charity which works with farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries, is taking a new spin on fundraising gifts with its Rock the Goat campaign.

Instead of sending an actual goat to help feed a poor family, supporters are asked to design their own goat online, choosing a preferred goat-face, wacky background and stylish accessories before making a donation.

The best entries make it into the Herd of Fame and might even win Best in Show – billed as a ‘hooves who’ of 2013. Current forerunners include ‘Goat to be Kidding Me’ and ‘Season’s Bleatings’.

Claire Rhodes, head of CPF said: “It’s time for a new, interactive approach to charity gifts which is fun for the giver and the receiver, whilst also raising much-needed funds for farming communities in poverty.  

“We don’t pretend to know how you like your goat. This is why we’re asking you to design your own.  In the same way, at the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation, we believe that the people with the best ideas and know-how on farm innovation are the farmers themselves. It’s all about passing control back to those in the know. We promise no goats were harmed in the making!”

Click here to design your own goat!



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