Friday, 13 December 2013

Helplines Partnership provides information services in a paperless environment

In this new digital age there is a growing need for paperless information.  ICIS provides a range of information services and products to enable organisations to easily find the services and support they need. It develops electronic directories, information portals and websites devoted to the needs of specific client groups.

ICIS merged with a national helpline charity in 2012, and recently recruited specialist IT executives.  They are now ready to expand the reach of their services as a social enterprise under the umbrella of Helplines Partnership.

Liz Hall, Director of Information and former CEO of ICIS says: “Developing information resources that can be shared by organisations across staff teams, client groups or geographical boundaries, helps save staff time, cost and space. It minimises duplication, supports equity of information provision, and increases the reach of helplines and help-services. Out of date information can present a risk; digital information resources can be updated as changes occur without the print costs associated with paper-based information materials. And for helpline staff working from home or at night, digital information resources are available when and where you need them.”

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