Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: #GivingTuesday Changing the World One Online Donation at a Time (and how you can benefit all year long)

It’s been almost 2 weeks, but conversations around Giving Tuesday haven’t stopped. From reports of specific organizations’ success to questions of skepticism, one thing is for sure – #GivingTuesday rocked the industry.

My hope is that this spirit of giving isn’t just seasonal and that nonprofits are carefully considering how they can nurture the December 3rd givers into lasting supporters. Because, as we all know, one day of giving just isn’t enough.

Here’s Your Giving Tuesday Roundup:

  • Mark Hrywnda and Patrick Sullivan’s article  - #GivingTuesday Trending and Cashing In - on The Nonprofit Times is one of the best impact summaries I’ve seen. Paragraph after paragraph we’re shown how nonprofits, schools, and businesses capitalized on December 3rd’s spirit of giving – inspiring.
  • What happens when you mix motivated college students, the #GivingTuesday movement, and #unselfies on social media? For Camp Kesem, $10,000 happens- money that will send children affected by a parent’s cancer to a free, life-changing summer camp. Michael Beahm highlights the strategy behind their campaign in his npEngage post: Lives are Changed when #bigkidsgive and how you can rock #GivingTuesday Next Year.
  • It’s only in its second year, but this Huffington Post blog by Eleanor Goldberg – Giving Tuesday Smashes Records, Spurs 90% Donation Spike shows that the movement is much bigger than just a day of giving. The quadrupling partnership numbers, tweets from President Bill Clinton, and donations from around the world signify that the philanthropic impact is becoming increasingly widespread.
  • In Kevin Bacon’s post (yes, you read that right) he writes about Why Tuesday Is the Best Day Ever. In an effort to promote good deeds and giving, he used the movement as a platform to jumpstart the holiday giving season. By partnering with Case Foundation, Network for Good, and CrowdRise, was able to create a #GivingTuesday Challenge that encouraged supporters to give to their favorite charities, and offered up some pretty significant prizes as incentive.
  • Thanks to Taylor Corrado of Hubspot, here’s 12 Notable Highlights from 2013′s Giving Tuesday. The breakdown shows what can happen when we come together for causes bigger than ourselves. And the 12 hour Google Hangout, 269,000 tweets hashtagged with #GivingTuesday, and 7,000 unselfie images posted are indicative of the power of social done right.
  • You’ve heard about the #unselfies and #GivingTuesday images that surfaced all over Twitter and Instagram on 12.3.13, but have you seen them? This Statigram page compiles pictures shared on Instragram with hashtag #GivingTuesday. It’s pretty awesome to see the ways nonprofits and individuals used the platform to encourage giving.
  • While there’s plenty of enthusiasm about the movement, there are others, like Michael Rosen, who aren’t yet convinced that the day of giving is good for the entire sector. In Rosen’s post, No Evidence of #GivingTuesday Success, he rises some tough but valid questions about measuring December 3rd’s success and whether participating in the day is really best for every org. As the movement continues to grow and expand, it’s necessary that we’re appropriately measuring and monitoring the long-term implications.

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