Thursday, 12 December 2013

Panel discusses the use of social media in the charitable sector

Social media can be a powerful tool for charities, but many are still hesitant to use it as they see it as risky. Just one ill-advised tweet could cause a backlash. The latest NFP Interchange involved five panellists who looked at whether social media is a benefit or a hindrance to charities.

David Mills, editor of the Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network, said: “Those that do social media well and extract value from it will succeed, and they could take your money and supporters and before you know it, your contracts and your beneficiaries.”

Forum panellist Dafna Ciechanover Bonas, co-founder and CEO of Founders Forum For Good, said: “Social media efforts need a core strategy. They need to be planned and they need to be focused. Define what you want to achieve, be very clear about the objective and your target audience and keep your message very narrow.”

Karla Geci, Facebook’s head of media partnerships, told the forum: “It’s the content that makes connections – powerful images, powerful videos and powerful text, even if it’s only 140 characters. It doesn’t matter the industry you’re in, whether its non-profit or publishing, the question is how can we effectively use content to get our message across?”

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