Monday, 17 February 2014

How can a move to the cloud benefit your charity?

The current buzz around cloud technology is hard to ignore. According to one study, 90% of UK businesses expect to move some of their applications to the cloud by 2017 and, as we found out at last week’s CHASE 2014, it’s a particularly hot topic for charities right now.

But why exactly is cloud technology such big news for charities and what are the practical implications and potential benefits for individual organisations?

As a new case study of Age UK Stockport demonstrates, cloud solutions can in fact transform IT function and have a wide-reaching impact within charities.

When Age UK Stockport found itself having to replace its servers, rather than opting for an expensive process of purchasing and implementing new server equipment it looked to Skyline Cloud Infrastructure, provided by local firm Point Systems.

This platform provided a cost-effective solution that is both flexible and reliable, with 20% saving on time associated with IT maintenance and updates and 100% system uptime since implementation

The charity says the move to Skyline, which includes a full remote helpdesk service, has allowed them to increase mobile working and freed up its internal IT team to focus on boosting user satisfaction and training staff to make better use of available technology.

Margaret Brade, Chief Executive, Age UK Stockport said: “Skyline has completely revolutionised the IT infrastructure for us, we now can focus on developing our organisation without the worry or stress of managing our IT systems.”

Download the full case study here to find out more about Age UK Stockport’s experience.

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